Fitzgerald & Associates helps not-for-profits create social and environmental benefits sustainably.

Fitzgerald & Associates passionately believe that social enterprises are a tool to create economic and social transformation in the world and that not-for-profits can develop great sustainable social enterprises without harm to your core mission. We will walk beside you as you carve out your sustainable future and make the world a better place, regardless of your stage of development. Minimise risks and maximise results for your organisation by using an experienced hand in any of the following areas.

Our services include presentations, workshops and discussions on:


  • Getting the foundations right for social enterprise
  • Testing organisational acceptance of social enterprise
  • Funding the development


  • Idea generation
  • Understanding the customer
  • Market validation
  • Business modelling
  • Understanding the value you are creating


  • Business model feasibility analysis
  • Creating a business case
  • Identifying the resources and capabilities you need
  • Strategic and implementation planning
  • Choosing the best structure and identity for you
  • Choosing the right people for the role
  • Getting the social enterprise going

If you have other needs, contact us to discuss how we can assist.